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Forum Rules

General rules

  1. These regulations enter into force on the date of their publication and are valid throughout the LeaksCity.cc website and on the Discord LeaksCity server
  2. The main language of the forum is Polish. However, English is also allowed. Adding content in other languages will result in a warning.
  3. All posts / topics must relate to the topic of the section / category in which they are located. Creating posts in inappropriate sections will result in a warning or a ban.
  4. It is your responsibility to respect other users. Flamewars / pointless insults will result in a warning or a ban.
  5. It's forbidden to act as moderator. In case of breaking the rules by other users, simply report the questionable content to the administration.
  6. Advertising other forums / communities is completely prohibited. In case of breach of this rule, your account will be blocked.
  7. There is a total ban on financial fraud activity on Leakscity. If you try to start a discussion on this topic, your account will be blocked.
  8. The user may only have one account. Attempting to create new ones will end up with permanent blocking of all accounts, without the possibility of recalling them.
  9. Abusing the reputation / likes / referrals system is strictly prohibited. (Including: trading or exchanging likes / referrals / reputations)
  10. It is the responsibility of the user to respect copyright. It is possible to report their violations via email [email protected], but first make sure that the reported files are hosted on our server. For submissions of files that are hosted on third parties, the submission will be ignored.
  11. Try to limit emoticons in posts and exclamation and question marks in topic names. One is quite enough. Failure to comply with this rule will result in a warning.
  12. Topic names must clearly describe their content. Beware of names like "Help!", "Error" etc. - Failure to comply with this rule will result in a warning.
  13. The forum administration has the full right to edit, delete or move the topic / post at any time.
  14. All rules also apply to private messages. Abuse of the PM system will result in a warning or a lockout.
  15. Adding nonsensical posts like "thank you", "nice", "adagasd" etc. will result in a warning or a posting / account lock.
  16. We do not use any link shorteners like adf.ly or similar on the forum. You will not earn anything on them anyway, and they make it much more difficult to navigate the forum. Posts / topics with such links will be deleted.
  17. Posting credit card, paypal or bank account details is strictly prohibited. Such attempts will result in blocking the account without any warning.
  18. Duplicate posts / topics will be removed or combined. Repeated cases of these will result in a warning.
  19. Putting a negative reputation on one user more than 3 times in 24 hours for no specific reason will result in a warning or an account ban.
  20. Repeatedly granting reputation for no good reason will be considered an abuse of the system and result in a warning or a ban.
  21. Begging for likes / reputation will result in a total zero of accumulated points.
  22. Asking for reputation / likes in giveaways is completely prohibited.
  23. Begging for anything is forbidden. Such users will be blocked from their account.
  24. Cracking / Sharing of products sold on LeaksCity.cc is prohibited and will result in account ban.
  25. We absolutely do not tolerate spam. Spammers will receive a warning or an account ban in case of intrusive spam.
  26. Any content and usernames referring to leakscity or administration in an inappropriate manner will result in the permanent ban of the account.

Chatbox rules

  1. The main language of the shoutbox is Polish and we should try to keep it that way.
  2. Spamming just to access a Shoutbox is strictly prohibited.
  3. Advertising anything on Shoutbox will result in account ban.
  4. Shoutbox is not for help. Instead, create a topic in the appropriate section.
  5. Linking topics on Shoutbox is prohibited and will result in a warning.
  6. Let's not spam on shoutbox. Let's try to keep it tidy.
  7. Trading on the shoutbox is prohibited. Any attempt to trade will result in a warning or a ban.
  8. Asking for accounts or files on shutbox will result in a typing block.
  9. Sending of IPLoggers, screamers etc. on the shoutbox will result in a permanent blocking of writing.
  10. Creating topics like "Why did I get stuck on a shoutbox?" will result in a permanent blockade of the account.

Market rules

  1. It is forbidden to create sales offers on behalf of other users.
  2. You can only create one topic for one item.
  3. By default, only Lupus and Active users can request "Vouch copy". As a seller, you can set your own rules on this matter.
  4. Posts like "Good luck", "Great product" etc. will be treated as spam.
  5. Selling products that are publicly available and free of charge is prohibited.
  6. Trading is only allowed in the Market category.
  7. "Sales Trashing" will block your account.
  8. Users can create offers only after reaching level two.
  9. Abuse of the vouch system will result in blocking this function or the entire account.
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