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  1. exactly my question, when i'll unlock the auth and try it out again i'll update this tread with what is changed
  2. well, what do you mean by investment, before i could solo the hydra with my bare hands, what do i need to have now in order to do them?
  3. Can people still do hydra runs, and bosses in general after the new cloud update? what is the difference after the cloud got updated
  4. i highly recommend Demon Slayer, great anime!
  5. zawiera różne konta, dlatego nazywa się to listą combo, mogą to być konta pocztowe, konta Steam, konta gier epickich, każdy ich rodzaj
  6. they need to be checked, fresh off the oven [Hidden Content]
  7. A really great, free, and easy to use tool from none other than senpai fsr, if anyone sees this comment i recommend this as the best tool to use on this game
  8. i tried out and failed miserably, i just use more enderpearls so i can get to the portal directly, but i'd like to learn this so i can save on more enderpearls as i want to start speedrunning this game
  9. looking for a great and fun survival server where there is no p2w and u can pvp freely, if u know some please respond
  10. looking for 4 more people to rank up in mobile legends, ranked between epic-legend-mythic, to rank up even further, i can play jungle, adc or fighter, rarely mid, if u want to leave your discord here and i will add you
  11. I watched all of those and some more, and i recommend all of these ones but i wonder if there are some more animes in their kind of style and by that i mean, action, a good story, and gory, thanks in advance!

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