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  1. 1-PARASYTE:THE MAXİM:İ never thought would like this anime but i really reallly like it.İ like characters i like story i like romance so you should definetly watch maybe i like it so much because of i watched this anime when im out of seinen kind anime 2-HELLSİNG ULTİMATE:Great vampire,gore,seinen with op mc anime you should definetly watch if you like this kinds i love alucard i love the saint and i love other characters too 3-MONSTER:You always curious about this animes every episode this is all i say. 4-BERSERK:too much thing to say about this anime maybe it how affect all the genre coming after it words not enough now maybe later we talk about it and if you dont like anime then go on with manga.Manga is more great but mangaka die in recently ..... 5-AKAME GA KİLL:Well after you finish this anime pls read manga :) about anime great seinen with assasins its simple its wonderful just watch it
  2. im playing with my gf and its becoming so good my all other friends doing this too so multiplayer..
  3. monkey temple is best :D that song of monkeys always get me
  4. im using fishbot its really good not leakscity hack btw with that get banned immediately :)
  5. i was so excited before click but noww
  6. i download and im trying this hack i dont know what happened but i get my 50 like 1 hour ago or smt then i look i have 42 why is it decrease i dont understand :/
  7. dont know bro i think it worked because not complicated
  8. i was dia 4 s2-s5 then i quit i think its become robotic...
  9. s2-s5 dia after that im not playing anymore
  10. AUTOREVİVE: [Hidden Content] AUTOEXPDONATOR: [Hidden Content] You guys can change time set on TIME_WAIT
  11. i choose intel i dont know why but AMD seems to me not for gaming this is my opinion ofc actually i dont know nothing :D
  12. :D yeah you are right like what happened if superman is bad no one can stop him this is reality

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