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A program language folder.

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I suggest that you add a language folder to the program, either in %appdata% or in your same Data folder. :dziwnypan:

This language folder could be called lang where the language of each Button, Label, TextBox, etc. could be stored. In order to modify the language of the program in its entirety to the language desired by the community.

Moreover, if this happens, I will take care of translating it myself and if possible with the help of other people from the same forum. :ohmygod:


Example of the lang folder, according to cs 1.6:





Example of the file advanced_bans.




Finally the reasons for the topic. :pepe-guns:

If this were to be introduced and accepted by the administrators, they would save time to modify the program for different languages, since the same community would keep it updated. :pepeDS:

I would even say for the same loader, but I think it is enough that it remains in Polish and English, as one is the native language of the creators and the other is a widely spoken international language, although it would also be good to add Spanish, but it is not necessary because the loader would only inject, instead in the program it is something else and that is why I add this topic, as a suggestion of mine based on my programming knowledge. :pepe-derp:



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