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How to hack a Unity game


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what is Unity? Unity is a free engine that a ton of games use: https://unity.com/

how does the hack do/work/etc.?

this is the source code of a bare bone GUI tool that you can use to build your own hack inside of it

It works by using a mono injector to inject the compiled dll into an active running unity process. Inject the Loader that is calling the main function

source code + Dabsy unity injector(i use it, it's safe), link will e to my github

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This will work on any game that is compiled on unity without the Il2CppCompilerConfiguration. No this will not work on rust...

Have fun coding your own cheat

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33 minutes ago, Khontremiys said:

it is very noticeable in online games, my account was blocked when i did genshin impact :/

I am sorry for what happened to you :(
for online games i recommend learning kernel hacking, i might do a topic about this soon

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