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Help with config file

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21 minutes ago, HardU said:

1. who told you that connection can be problem
2. on which character

W sumie to ja też. 

5 hours ago, agralex95 said:

Can someone update an file with the settings for gf hack please? I can`t find the right values. I always get dc and followed the tutorials and tried to play a bit with values but still can`t make it work. . My network is not the problem....  https://www.speedtest.net/result/12182127260

Its hard to determine what is the problem cause u didn't give any more information than : i just get kicked. Give us some more information.

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Start from loading defaults and test only one thing at a time, find right waithack timing and add some ms to prevent disconnections. Hard to do, it depends where are you in game and how many targets you are hitting. Its one time task but worth to do for better experience. Your internet dl/up is really good if you arent using it to the limits while gaming.

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